Andy (hauntmeister) wrote,

Halfway through the year, positioning myself for next ...

Hard to believe! Jan 28th will mark the end of second quarter, and halfway through the school year! The rest will just fly by now, with Feb break knocking a hunk out of second quarter, and spring break similarly disrupting third quarter. And after spring break anyway, it's just downhill until summer and we really don't expect much of the kids.

Classes are the usual hodgepodge. Robotics in particular seems to be a dumping ground again. As an elective with no prerequisites, I get students just sent in to fill a space in their schedule. Many students really don't care at all. On the other hand, I have a few who work diligently all block on the robot kits and almost refuse to leave at the end of class, and two who really seemed to take a shine to my new experimental unit on discrete math. After explaining a simplified version of Dijkstra's algorithm, they really were delighted to find out what was going on under the covers as their GPS navigators announce "Recalculating!"

For next year, my school's being merged with the school downstairs, and I'm assuming I have a job. Robotics may be seeing its last semester, but there's always a need for math teachers. To increase my flexibility, I'm taking a pre-calculus class at Harvard Extension School, in their "Masters for teaching mathematics" program. I really don't need another master's degree, but it's good for me to be stretching! Not too much of a stretch, actually ... looking at the textbook, I know everything in it, although my trig is rusty. And if I pick up a calculus class over the summer, I'll be positioned to teach any part of the high school curriculum next year.
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