Andy (hauntmeister) wrote,

So this is what it's like to have a "real" job!

How pleasant. I haven't really been a "teacher" for the last few days. I still get up at an obscene hour every day (5:30) and go in to work, but when I go home, my time is my own and work doesn't follow me. Last week, you see, was finals week. All I had to do was grade the open-response part of the algebra test, which I got done on Monday. I proctored other finals for Tuesday and Wednesday. Then an oddball Boston-only holiday on Thursday, and makeup day on Friday. And with finals done, almost no students are coming into school any more. So I'm just cleaning up my classroom.

The school has acknowledged this .. tomorrow and Thursday we're taking two days of full-day training for teaching to ELL students. But then we still have Friday and Monday the 28th (!!) looming ahead. What a waste of time. I have one personal day left; I'll try to deploy it for Monday.

How come the BPS schedules final exams for over a week before the end of school? What do they expect us to do with the time? It happens every year but the gap is especially egregious this year, because of the two snow days we need to "make up."

And after next week, hurray, we're on vacation!
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