Andy (hauntmeister) wrote,

Three weeks?? YIKES!

We have word from downtown on when we should do finals. The city math final will be administered on-line for the first time this year, and it needs to be between the dates of June 7th to the 15th. That means ... YIKES! ... that I have three weeks (at most, four) to go between now and the city final. And I have three chapters still to cover! One per week? I'll do my best....

I was keeping up with last year's pace until spring break, which I thought was impressive given that last year's periods were an hour-and-twenty, and this year's are roughly an hour. But following break, we started going way off schedule. Is there something in chapter 8 which causes problems? Seems like that one went really slowly.

Last day of school is June 24th; no word on what downtown wants us to do with students in the week-and-a-half between the final and the end of the year. Probably show a lot of movies!

But for today, I'm going over the last three years worth of final exams, seeing what they consider important, and picking-and-choosing presentations from previous years which will cover the material. That much at least I can get done in three weeks. And I'd better toss another test in there, too, in addition to the senior final. (Senior finals are June 3-8 and for the most part, I can't wait to be rid of them!)
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