Andy (hauntmeister) wrote,

Discipline problems at the school.

It develops that our students' lack of discipline is leaking over into the other schools in the building. Our students skip class with impunity, wander where they're not supposed to be, linger in the halls and disrupt other schools.

I've stopped writing students up; there's no followthrough on any complaints. And this isn't just me; many other teachers are complaining about the same thing. We don't have any consequences for misbehavior; our "disciplinarian"s office is a fun place to hang out, with snacks, and there are no detentions unless we (the teachers) individually stay in our classrooms after school or during lunch.

Exam schools are looking better and better, except that I've gotten myself into a groove here, and can essentially just keep hitting the space bar on my Algebra 2 powerpoints. It's not too demanding, and it's stable.
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